Bhavesh Dhande

Cloud DevOps Engineer
38588 / Month

About Candidate


I have 2 years of experience in both DevOps and AWS Cloud, which includes implementing CI/CD, SDLC lifecycle processes, and the
creation and maintenance of cloud infrastructure. To obtain a challenging position in an enterprise application integration
environment where technology integrates with business functionalities to enhance business processes. I look forward to the
opportunities where I can use my analytical skills in combination with my technical expertise to improve all phases of enterprise
development, implementation, and maintenance.


Work Profile :
• Extensive knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle.
• Having knowledge and experience with the Scrum method of Agile software development.
• Good Experience in Linux and writing scripts in it.
• Managed multiple Linux OS and Windows OS, also worked on patching and installing project related
tools such as Git, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, and Ansible.
• Worked with GIT SCM and GIT-Hub, created repositories, branches, tags and manage user access.
• Strong experience in creating Jenkins jobs and as per requirement creating multiple CI/CD pipelines.
• Experienced in managing Jenkins server, user management, credential management, tool
management, and plugin installation.
• Used Maven build tool for Java-based projects to automate testing, code quality checks, packaging.
• Worked on deployment of WAR on Tomcat web application server.
• Strong experience in Docker containerization tool, created multiple docker files, images, containers
and manage their respected networks and volumes.
• Also worked on Docker Compose client as well.
• Good experience on Ansible and Playbooks for configuration management and deployment.
• Developed, deployed and managed microservices-based applications on Kubernetes.
• Strong Experience with AWS cloud services such as EC2, VPC, S3, IAM, RDS, EBS, EFS, DynamoDB,
Route53, CloudFront, ECR, ECS, EKS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, SNS.
• Worked on different types of EC2 instances, created AMI and templates of them for future use.
• Created EBS volumes, snapshots and manage lifecycle.
• Good experience with Auto Scaling and Load Balancing in AWS.
• Managed multiple IAM users, groups, roles, and policies.
• Worked on VPC network and its components such as subnets, gateways, route tables, NACL,
security groups, and peering connections.
• Worked on S3 bucket versioning, replication and lifecycle.
• Worked on RDS database engines maintain replication, backups, and read replicas.
• Worked on DNS management and traffic management with Route53.
• Configured and managed CloudFront distributions for web applications and static assets.
• Used CloudWatch Log groups and Alarms for monitoring purpose and configure with SNS for
notification and messaging.
• Creating CloudTrail for monitoring user activity for governance and compliance purpose.
• Worked on ECR, ECS, and EKS for containerization and container orchestration.


AWS re/Start Program
Amazon Web Services
11/2022 – 02/2023
• Completed a full-time, classroom based skills development and training program on IT fundamentals, AWS Cloud & professional skill.
• Learned how to apply core AWS services in the areas of networking, compute, storage, databases, container, and security.
• Learned how to configure, monitor, and support the suite of core AWS services.
• Successfully completed the AWS re/start program, resulting in a more secure, cost-effective and efficient AWS infrastructure.


Responsibility :
• Implement and manage infrastructure of DEV, QA and UAT environments.
• Deploy applications to various environments and make sure they are up and running.
• Make environment specific changes in the application as requested by QA/UAT team.
• Do request based hot-cold and blue-green deployments on servers.
• Troubleshoot and resolve any issues related environments and tools on a regular basis.
• Provide support and work closely with system admin team, production team and DevOps team.
• Implement and manage Git workflows, branching strategies, and code review processes.
• Develop and implement strategies for managing workloads that are cost-effective across the AWS cloud.
• Implement and improve CI/CD pipelines to automate the build, test, and deployment.
• Manage containerization and container orchestration.
• Integrate configuration management tools to ensure consistency across environments.
• Implement and configure monitoring and logging solutions.
• Develop and execute plans for decommissioning outdated or unnecessary infrastructure components.
• Plan and forecast capacity needs based on usage patterns and growth projections.
• Provide training and mentoring to team members on best practices related to c


AWS Certified : Cloud Practitioner certification
AWS re/Start Graduate